Travel blog friends

One of the best parts about blogging are all the like-minded people I get to meet all over the world. Here’s some of my real-life blogging friends who write about travel. Be sure to use them as a resource when you’re planning your next out-of-the-NRW trip.

Chasing the Donkey: Croatia is an easy trip from the NRW and one I can’t wait to make for myself one day. SJ at Chasing the Donkey is the Croatia travel expert. She’s an expat from Australia living there with her Croatian husband and their son. Along with incredible insights into the Croatian culture, travel, and people – she also has delicious Croatian recipes. Oh, and they’re in the process of building their dream house, too. Lot’s of fun over on Chasing the Donkey.

Dream Euro Trip: I’m very lucky to have DJ as a friend. Not only does he write posts about the stylish side of Europe while helping others make their way here – he’s a local. Yep, he lives here in the NRW. Unfortunately, for me, he’s constantly on the go. Italy one weekend to sit on a boat in a beach resort I’ve never heard of (but now I need to go to ASAP), fashion shows in Finland the next, and then off to Warsaw for delicious pierogies. So what if we can’t meet for coffee every weekend? He’s writing great stuff that makes me want to see even more of this continent.

Holy Smithereens: Jean lives in Australia and writes about luxury travel with an adventurous twist. She provides so many details into the places she visits that you can almost imagine you’re there. But, make sure you’re heating is on so that you can better imagine the tropical destinations she writes about (though, she also includes visits to colder climates.) I love her reviews of different adventure tours she’s done (skydiving, caving, snorkeling to name a few) and her experiences with different airlines in different service classes – including their lounges. The best part is she stays at a lot of beautiful hotels and gives honest write-ups of her stay.

Mike’s Travel Guide: Mike and Gayla are the husband-wife team behind Mike’s Travel Guide. They’re American expats based right over the border in Venlo, NL. Their travels take them all over Europe, but they also do a lot of day-trips that are easy for those of us who live in NRW to experience. Their beautiful photos, detailed descriptions, and videos make their Travel Guide just the inspiration we need.

The Three Under: One thing families with young kids worry about is “how can I travel with kids?” I think Farrah over at The Three Under provides just the answer. Her family comes from the US, but lives in the Netherlands. Throughout their time in the Netherlands they don’t fear exploring new places. And they do this all with their three boys under 5 years old. While they definitely have mishaps, I’m sure she’d be the first to tell you that the positives far outweigh the negative. (And, sometimes you may see Farrah hanging out with me here in the NRW, too.)

Thrifty Travel Mama: TTM is currently an expat living in Southern Germany. But, this won’t be true by the end of 2015 since her and her family are repatriating to America. A look at her archives, though, will help you understand some of the things newcomers found difficult about life in Germany (a detailed post about baby food or playgrounds, for example). She’s also done a lot of travel within Europe. Check out her site for lots of tips about life in German,y fun crafts to do with kids, and of course her travel stories.

Time Travel Turtle: Michael Turtle is the Turtle behind Time Travel Turtle. He’s an Australian adventurer who has been on the go since he decided to leave Australia a few years ago. If Australians do superlatives in high school he probably received the one for “Most likely to be on another continent by the time you read this status update.” No fear, though. This past summer he did a whirlwind trip through Germany’s 39 UNESCO World Heritage Sites. This includes the 5 here in the NRW. So he’s one of the few travel bloggers that I know of who can include the NRW in his places visited listed.

Travels of Adam:  I met Adam while in Berlin earlier this year. He’s traveled all over the world, but now considers Berlin home. Lucky for us because he gives lots of local stories about Germany’s capital. When I head over to Berlin, I usually check out his blog first. After Berlin his next most popular destination to write about is anywhere interesting. Since I like interesting places, I tend to check in frequently.

Wanderlust Marriage: Funny story – I read this site on and off for a year before deciding to read their about page. The guy in the picture looked familiar. Turns out he’s one of my customers from when I worked in the travel industry! Small world. I love seeing that he’s still traveling, found someone who shares that interest, and writes about it as well. They’ve lived in Amsterdam, Dublin, and are now settled in Boston – but who knows where life will take them next.