Wardter Strasse, 46509 Xanten


Ancient Roman buildings.

Or, more accurately, life-sized reproductions of ancient city buildings.

Sitting on the spot that was once the ancient Roman city, Colonia Ulpia Traiana.

From the 4th-century b.c.e.

That’s one aspect of the LVR-Archaeological Park in Xanten. There are plenty of other activities historians (or people who just want to have good old-fashioned fun) can enjoy.

For example, pavilions to learn more about the ancient city and culture, b.c.e. games, large playgrounds, tours, weekly events, annual festivals, workshops, and lectures.

It is Germany’s largest archaeological open air museum. Visit the site for more information.


Be sure to attend one of the Roman weekends, which take place each weekend between May and September. Great time to check out Roman crafts.

Photo credit: Axel Thuenker DGPh

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