Couven Museum

Hühnermarkt 17, 52062 Aachen

+49 241 432 4421

The building that houses Aachen’s Couven Museum has a story of its own. In the 1600s, it was a pharmacy. In the 1700s, Aachen’s own Baroque architect Johann Joseph Couven was commissioned to renovate it. Finally, in the 1950s the city of Aachen purchased the building and turned it into the Couven Museum.

The Couven Museum focuses on the interior design of the middle class in the 1700s and 1800s. Their exhibits also give an indication to what the 1600s pharmacy may have looked like, various styles of artwork that were popular in Aachen during this time, and different collections. As part of Route Charlemagne, it shows the ECONOMY theme for the route.

Tours are available on Saturday and Sunday, or by advance request. The Couven Museum is open every day except Monday. They are also closed for several holidays throughout the year. Check the website for more information.


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