Meet an NRWer: Sarah from Frilly Designs

As we get closer to the holidays, I thought I would highlight some of the NRW’s businesses. They’re a good source when thinking of gifts for the family. 


Most people don’t leave island life for land-locked Germany. Sarah is not most people. She’s originally from Malta, but has called Germany home for four years. She came here with her German husband and she absolutely loves it.

Sarah’s craft and business is creating art with paper. She cuts fine details into her paper products and the results are beautiful. Let’s find out more about Sarah, her thoughts on her craft, her inspiration and her life in Germany.

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What made you get started papercrafting and when did you decide to start your own business?

I have always had a passion for working with paper and cardboard. Already as a child I enjoyed crafts – my mum had to make sure we have enough material at home for me to be creative with. At school I took various art lessons and kept the hobby alive until today. I have always been keen on making decorations for events of family and friends. Whilst on my maternity leave, this is the perfect opportunity to expand on my hobby and fulfill a dream of starting my own little business.

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Where do you find your inspiration?

My inspiration mostly comes from my day to day activities, where there is always something to discover. Occasionally I attend fairs and events to keep on trend. Having lived abroad, particularly in Malta and in England, I enjoy combining ideas I have gathered from other countries and integrate these into my products to offer something new and special to my clients in Germany. Finally, of course I also source some inspiration from internet pages such as Pinterest and Facebook, where so many creative ideas are being shared.

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Tell me more about the products you create.

In my shop I sell handmade paper and cardboard decorations for any occasion from weddings, birthdays or baptisms to seasonal decorations such as for Valentine’s Day, Easter, Halloween or Christmas. My products can all be personalized by choosing from the available colors or fonts. I also enjoy creating totally new products upon client requests. The products range from cupcake wrappers or glass decorations to personalized portrait silhouettes which can be used for name cards, toothpicks or other table decoration. With these products I hope to make every occasion that extra bit special and personalized.

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What are some of your favorite activities to do in NRW?

NRW is a fantastic location and has so much to offer. We love doing weekend outings with the family and never get tired of discovering new places. It is also only a stone-throw away from the Netherlands, Luxembourg, France and Belgium, which is fascinating for me being from a tiny island where you always need to take an airplane to discover new destinations.

As a mother of two little children I am always on the go and love looking for new places where to go with my kids. Particularly on Sundays we enjoy going on family trips. One of our favorites is the Wildpark in Leverkusen. Entrance is free and the kids get to see and feed animals in the park as well as play on the playground. If the weather is warm we sit outside for a picnic or simply have a coffee at the restaurant of the park itself.

During the week I enjoy taking my little ones to Kikololo in Solingen, which is a family café with an indoor sand pit and lots of toys for kids from newborns to the age of 4 to enjoy. It is a nice way to enjoy a piece of cake and meet other mums.

Also a great place to visit is Schloss Burg.  It is perfect for a day-outing and there are always events going on such as theatrical plays, markets and so on. Once a year there is a kids’ festival where they can dress up as witches and make their own brooms and potions. It is also the best place to enjoy a traditional “Bergische Kaffeetafel” with a nice warm waffle.


Sarah’s contact information

  • Visit her website Frilly Designs to look at her work and order some paper products.
  • Follow her on Facebook and see her inspiration on Pinterest
  • Or email her with questions and comments:


Thank you so much for taking the time to talk to us, Sarah!

(Photo credit: Frilly Designs)

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