Happy in the NRW

Turn on the radio at any given moment, and chances are you’ll hear Pharrell’s Happy. Even better, ask my kids what song they want to hear and chances are it’s Happy.

The video shows Pharrell, and many other people, individually dancing around Los Angeles throughout the day. There’s a 24 hours of Happy – each of those individual dancers with their own segment the duration of the song, and then the song starts all over again with a new person, until 24 hours is up. Quick math: Let’s say the song is five minutes long, so it plays 12 times in an hour, so that’s 288 Happies in 24 hours. It’s addicting. And then Weird Al made a version of it called “Tacky.”

Cities across the globe wanted their own Happy video. I think they’re fun. But, I’m also one of those people who gets really excited when I see something on screen that I’ve seen in real life. I found a few NRW versions of Happy and thought I’d share them here.

Happy in Bielefeld

Happy in Bonn

Happy in Bruehl

Happy in Cologne

Happy in Duesseldorf

Happy in Essen

Happy in Moenchengladbach

Happy in Wuppertal

and then there’s this:

So – which is your favorite?

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