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Photo credit: Belle NRW

5 places I love (and why I think you’ll love them too)

Seeing everything there is to see in the NRW would be fun impossible. How do you narrow it down? Well, first there’s the obvious – go places… Read more »

Giveaway: Octonauts at SeaLife Koenigswinter

Want to meet the Octonauts? From their headquarters at the Octopod the Octonaughts have exciting challenges underwater during every episode. Their escapades include meeting and learning about… Read more »

Photo Credit: Farrah Ritter

Affordable NRW

Looking for ways to keep costs low while traveling in the NRW? Aren’t we all. Here are some resources for travel and sightseeing deals. Train and public… Read more »

Happy in the NRW

Turn on the radio at any given moment, and chances are you’ll hear Pharrell’s Happy. Even better, ask my kids what song they want to hear and… Read more »

68 Facts about the NRW every expat should know

On August 23, 1946 the province of Westphalia and the northern regions of the Rhine province combined to make Nord-Rhein Westfalen. This year marks the NRW’s 68th… Read more »

Introduction to Belle NRW

I’ve lived in Essen for over 4 years. I’ve done some travel around here, but a few months ago I realized I wanted more. I wanted to see… Read more »