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Photo Credit: Farrah Ritter

Looking for ways to keep costs low while traveling in the NRW? Aren’t we all. Here are some resources for travel and sightseeing deals.

Train and public transport in the NRW

The NRW has several local transportation authorities. Each has its own monthly individual ticket perfect for the frequent traveler. For infrequent trips within one area, single and group day passes may be a better solution. Here’s a link to the NRW’s regional transportation authorities:

For travel between regions, but within the NRW, try the NRW Regional Ticket from Deutsche Bahn. A single day-ticket gives the traveler access to S-, RB-, RE- trains, and city transportation for 28 Euros. Traveling with a group? Up to five people can travel together for 41 Euros.

Sites and attractions

Many attractions offer a discount if the tickets are purchased online in advance. Double check the fine-print, though. Some places will charge a service fee to purchase online.

Some cities offer a local family card that offer discounts or free admission to local sites and attractions. Check with your local family office for more information.

Tourist offices in major cities often sell tourist cards based on trip length. The cards usually include public transportation passes and free or discounted admissions to some sites. Here are links to passes in some of the bigger cities in the NRW:

Annual passes are available at many sites and attractions, perfect for the places that are fun to return to over and over again. Some annual passes are not site-specific, but can be used at multiple places:

  • Merlin’s Card Offers repeat entry to the Legoland and two Sea Life locations within the NRW, as well as the other locations in Germany plus admission to other parks and attractions throughout Germany.
  • The Ruhr TopCard offers one-time admission to each of the 90 attractions within the region.

There are also sites that are completely free. Here are some that we have listed in our Attraction Guide.

If you have any other tips on ways to save on transportation or sites in the NRW, let us know in the comments. I’ll add them to the post.


Featured photo credit: Farrah Ritter

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