Review Guidelines

We appreciate the efforts Belle NRW members make when leaving reviews. Here are the guidelines for the reviews. Remember that the reviews are to help other readers (most notably other English speakers in the NRW) make their travel plans.

Reviews must be:

  • Family-Friendly: No profanity, prejudice comments, threats or inappropriate comments. Since all-caps are considered screaming on the internet, please avoid them.
  • Relevant: Should be submitted within a reasonable time-frame. Only leave reviews from visits within the past year.
  • Actual Visits: Based on personal experience.
  • Non-commercial: Links to other websites, email addresses, or phone numbers will be removed. (See below)
  • Original: While shorter quotes can be used, most of the review should be original information that has not been published elsewhere.
  • Provide some value to the reader: Include more information than just a word. For example “Great place!” would not provide too much value to the reader.

Belle NRW reserves the right to remove reviews we feel violate any of the rules above. The opinions expressed on Belle NRW are that of the member and not of Belle NRW. 

Tips  for great reviews:

Helpful reviews include information about:

  • The value for the money.
  • Tips on parking or transportation.
  • Provide details on favorite and least favorite aspects.

Have you written a review somewhere else?

I understand that there are times when more extensive reviews have been written somewhere else. If you have written a review on a personal website that you would like to have included on Belle NRW, please send me an email. Links to for-profit or other review sites will not be considered.